May 272016

As technology advances, computer systems get increasingly complex.  Data and information that fuels these systems are growing by leaps and bounds.  A lot of the data that is being generated are protected by one or more laws that govern such data, such as confidential information in specific fields. It then becomes imperative that the custodians of this data take appropriate, timely and adequate measures to protect this data and the systems that work on this data. These steps to protect data are collectively called Information Assurance (IA).  The term Information Assurance is used interchangeably with Information Security and Cyber-security.

At the very core of the practice of Information Assurance is the need for confidentiality, integrity and availability (CIA triad) as well as authentication, and non-repudiation of the data and information.

In future posts I will step through each of these areas as well as significant terms that you encounter in the area of Information Assurance. I will explain the significance of each and relevance in the practice of Information Assurance.

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