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eBusiness?  e-Business?  e-Biz?

Well, it has been a nice buzzword used by companies and consultants for almost a decade.

Basically it is converting any business process that previously used to be done manually, to using electonic technologies to perform the same tasks.

This conversion may involve using computer networks, the Internet, servers, software, electronic forms, and various and sundry electonic gadgets to achieve the same results as the old business process.

Now there needs to be something said about fitting square pegs in round holes and vice-a-versa.  This means that just throwing technology at a business process is never the answer and invariably results in wasted effort, time and money.

So a good strategy is always, to study the exiting business processes and understand where the bottlenecks and flaws are.  The next step is to design new efficient processes and incorporate technologies which will realize the desired improvements and cost savings.


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